At Chenavari, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and we believe that company behaviour and the appropriate management of risk exposures are drivers of long-term performance.

Chenavari’s board regularly reviews sustainability matters and acts as a sounding board for the implementation of the Firm’s sustainability strategy.


ESG Committee

The ESG Committee oversees the implementation of Chenavari’s Policy of Responsible Investment and Environmental Policy and monitors existing and emerging legislative and regulatory developments in relation to sustainability policies (including for example the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation).


ESG Committee composition and scope of work 

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The ESG Committee meets on a regular and an ad hoc basis and issues recommendations on sustainability-related matters for the Firm.


ESG Training

Chenavari has rolled out a series of ESG training led by our in-house sustainability expert to enhance our investment staff’s ESG integration skills. The Firm has a knowledge center to help the investment team to have easy access to ESG market intelligence.