Chenavari has been active in the European Leveraged Loan and CLO market since the Firm’s inception via its ABS fund and, from 2012 onwards, through the acquisition of a CLO 1.0 platform.

Since 2014 the team has issued European CLO 2.0 under its proprietary Toro CLO brand. Its management style is characterised by strict credit and pricing discipline while building conservative, well-diversified portfolios of senior secured European loans.  The monitoring and management of new investments is based on the same principle of prudence and conservativeness across the board.

We believe Chenavari’s leveraged finance platform, consisting of CLOs and other structures/funds, permits the team to have an efficient approach to investing/allocating in popular markets as well as making disposals in underperforming credits.

Chenavari Toro’s direct investment in each new CLO warrants direct alignment with investors. This means deal performance takes precedence over AUM growth, and a careful and conservative approach to investing.