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“Chenavari is a really collaborative place to work, with a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere”

Sandrine Streeter
HR Manager 

“At Chenavari, I get to maximise my entrepreneurial drive and to explore new business initiatives.”

Vlad Mitroi
Head of ESG

Chenavari is an entrepreneurial and dynamic workplace. Chenavari offers its employees the potential to broaden their exposure to a wide range of career opportunities within the firm.”

Kirstie Sumarno
Head of Investor Relations

" At Chenavari we achieve more together. It's a great atmosphere to search for excellence and performance!"

Stephane Parlebas
Partner, Senior Portfolio Manager

“Working at Chenavari is a very enriching experience; Interaction with peers creates opportunities for everyone to develop knowledge and grow both professionally and personally. This constant learning spirit encourages individuals to share opinions, ultimately keeping company agile & flexible.”

Emmanuel Tarillon
Risk Conducting Officer

London - Partners and C-Suite

Loïc Féry
Vincent Laurencin
Kirstie Sumarno
Mick Vasilache
Chenavari Investment Managers (Luxembourg)

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