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Where we stand

At the heart of our investment strategy lies a deep fundamental understanding of the European Credit markets. 

Credit investment at Chenavari goes beyond identifying value solely based on fundamentals. Timing, execution and tail risk management play an equal part on our decisions to invest. We endeavour to generate long-term value for our clients by focusing on the upside potential as much as the downside risk.  

Our strategies span the full spectrum of credit investments from the most liquid tradable corporate security, to leveraged finance transactions, and a wide range of private debt origination.

About us


Founded in 2008, Chenavari Investment Managers is an employee-owned asset management firm specialising in European credit across segments such as corporate and financial bonds, asset-backed securities, and private debt origination. Our independent, entrepreneurial team utilises a fundamental, value-based approach to identify investments within our areas of expertise.


Year of Operation
Assets Under Management
Employees Globally
Business Lines: Tradable Credit, Private Credit, Leveraged Finance
Performance Awards Won Since Firm's Inception
26 years
Credit Markets Experience on Average


How we operate

Our long-term success relies on the quality of our investment decisions. Over the past decade, we have built a rigorous investment methodology to enhance the quality of those decisions, remove biases, and embrace a loop of constant improvement.

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