Funds & Products

The Chenavari product set provides access, either in a multi-strategy or single strategy format, to the following markets;

  • Corporate & High Yield, Financials: encompassing Investment Grade, High Yield and European Financial strategies.
  • Structured Finance Strategies (ABS): Active portfolio management across the full range of structured finance/asset backed opportunities in Europe.
  • Real Estate Debt: Differentiated and direct-origination strategy with a focus on smaller size loans and core Western European countries in core property types, with downside protection and potential equity upside.
  • Deleveraging Opportunities: Portfolio Acquisitions and Regulatory Capital transactions originated from European banks driven by regulatory pressures on bank deleveraging.
  • Direct Lending: in SME and Speciality Finance markets ex-US

Depending on its investment objective and the liquidity of the underlying investment, Chenavari funds offer different liquidity profiles to investors, ranging from weekly liquidity up to 7-year term products.

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